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Universal Study Helper accelerates the learning process by helping to quickly and easily memorize extensive sets of words, terms, definitions, etc. The study process consists of setting up the Study Set material and thereafter accelerating the learning process by the three Study methods of Presentation, Multiple Choice and Question and Answer sessions.

The Presentation Session displays the items on the screen one after another for quick memorizing of the study material. The Multiple Choice asks to choose the correct answer from several possibilities. The Questions and answers ask for the answer to be entered. The Study Set is the organized material for learning. Normally, it is a collection of study items. The structure is determined by the outline which comprises an "Item type", used to label items and one or more "Fields" used to classify relevant properties of the item to memorize.

The Study Set has to be prepared by the user himself by clicking the Customize button. This opens the dialogue box for filling in the Item type, Fields (Definition) and new field names. The Item type is the main header, under which the other attributes are to be entered for studying. The creation of a Study set by entering the material into the computer is by itself a good starting point of committing to one's memory. The Study Settings can be adjusted to provide time outs, shuffle questions and manage continuous sessions to apply additional variations to the studying process. All the details for setting up the Study Set and utilizing the software are given in the Help Menu.

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  • Helps to learn and memorize quickly and efficiently
  • Can be used with any type of data for studying purposes
  • Allows multiple fields per item, presentation sessions and multiple choice tests with complete customization of the study set and learning process


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